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Sunday 26 March 2017

The Centenary Oak Bar Winter Opening Hours

BAR OPENING HOURS - From 1st November 2016

Monday – 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm -

Squash Training

Tuesday - 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 8pm*  

*Hours will change once a month due to Bridge dinner.
Please contact the club for information.

Wednesday - 11am - 8pm

Thursday - 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 9pm*

*Hours will change once a month due to Squash Tournaments

Friday – 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 9pm

Saturday - 10am - 9pm

Sunday - 10am - 9pm

Any member wishing to extend the bar hours should call the office 48 hours in advance on

01 46 26 16 09

or email

The Centenary Oak Bar Snack Menu


Chicken Kebab with a cream and cucumber sauce
Chicken curry
Ham and Cheese
Sliced chicken breast with cheese


Kebab chicken, tomato, and salad
Ham, tomato, and salad
Cheese, tomato, cucumber, and salad
Sliced chicken breast, tomato, and salad

Mixed Salads

Salad Niçoise
Grated carrot