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Sunday 23 April 2017

Golf,  Bridge,  Squash...


The March Competition will take place on 18th March. The formula will be a stableford and the cards will go in for handicap purposes. The entrance fee is 10€ (6€ will go to Villarceaux for preparing the cards).

Annual Matchplay – Please let Claude Jacques know as soon as possible if you intend taking part in our Matchplay Competition.


Time to sign up for this month's 2 bridge events: Workshop on Friday 17th March and evening tournament on Tuesday 21st March. News about our 2 meals to follow shortly.

Exciting situation for our 2 Interclub teams: one is playing it's last match this afternoon (Monday) (aiming to finish top of its pool, thereby qualifying for the Committee Final) and the other team having already played its 4 matches (won 2 and lost 2) is waiting to know its final position depending on the results of the teams.


Thursday, 2nd March saw a fine display of squash. There were some very good moments for most of us… 

Christian started first with a bang. He tried so hard that he scrambled, scraped his knee and bled for the team! The effort paid off with a 3-1 victory.


David on next. Huge skilled game again. He lost the second but kept the pressure on and the end was never in doubt.

Good old JP had a tough one. He is still in agony over an injured neck and his ability to move and hit with any power is very difficult. He went down 3-0

The biggest match of the night was Greg. After winning the first game and losing the second, Greg was nervous about falling into the same trap of losing steam and not being able to close. Last night was different. When the game got tough, Greg got tougher. He absolutely nailed it for a 3-1 victory. Well done Greg.

Sean last. He was playing a pretty tough competitor. Games were long…long…long. But Sean’s ability to anticipate made all the difference and he gave us the final win for the night. 3-1

So…where are we?

With Thursdays victory of 4/1 and Plessis victory 3/2 over Vincennes (Vincennes won at 1 & 2, but lost at 3, 4, 5) we are pretty much guaranteed a second place finish, unless something wild happens. If we end up in second, we will go into barrage. 

…but we need 3 more victories

  • Monday, March 6th vs Templiers  (6th place) AWAY
  • Thursday, March 9th vs Tigres   (7th place) HOME 
  • Thursday, March 16th vs Montreuil  (4th place)  HOME
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