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Thursday 27 April 2017

Tennis - the clay courts are now open

Congratulations to the Ground Staff and the Tennis Committee on getting our clay courts open on time.

2017 Tennis Tournament

The 2017 Tennis Tournament starts 8th May - registration form at reception. Finals on 24th June followed by the Annual White Dinner.

Members' Tennis Day - Sunday 7th May

The 2017 members' Tennis day is a fun event designed for you (and your children) to mix and meet new members and players of all levels. Brunch will be served!


Tennis Ladder 2017

Spring is here and summer is coming. A reminder that the clubs singles and doubles tennis ladders are up and running.

Ladies Tennis - March 2017

The ALT’s team has got off to a good start this season. The 1st match was at TC Fontenay and the Standard won 3-0.

Tennis News - February 2017

A reminder that we have the use of an extra all-weather, outside court at the weekend as part of an arrangement with Tennis Club de Sèvres.

Tennis News - January 2017

Last week a group of tennis players from the SAC, went to St Germain-en-Laye to play a very nice and friendly tennis match with Club des Loges.

Tennis Ladder - 2016/17 Season

The club's tennis ladders are about to go into action. In the first instance, we plan to run a Winter Ladder, from now until the start of the 2017 summer season at the end of April, followed by Summer Ladder to run May through September.

Tennis Court Reservation System

The Standard Athletic Club Tennis Court Reservation System

The club’s new electronic system for booking our eight tennis courts and two squash courts is ready to go. 

Ladies Tennis - ALTs Team

The ALT's team won their 3rd match against Courbevoie so just one match left to play of the pool matches, which will be against Asnières (TC Azur).

Tennis Tournament 2016

The Annual Tennis Tournament - beginning with the Doubles will be starting on 1st April to 29th May. Junior, women, men, mixed & family.  Singles tournament starts 1st May and ends 2nd July. Juniors, women and men. Registration open from 1st March to 31st March. Registration forms available at reception.


Tennis AGM

The Tennis AGM will be held on Sunday 14th February, starting at 4pm.

Mens' Tennis News - 7th June

Congratulations to the SAC mens' tennis team who won the last game of the season versus Puteaux. This takes them to the top of the group and get the promotion to Regional 2, where they belong! Congratulations to François Allain, Benjamin Sharp, Pierre Devos, Alban Vicarini and Melvyn Cooke

Tennis News - 1st June

The men’s tennis team won their 3rd game in a row 6/0, away to Antony. François Allain, Benjamin Sharp, Pierre Devos and Alban Vicarini all won their singles in 2 sets and we then won the 2 doubles. The last game of the season against Puteaux will be at home next Sunday, a win would secure the promotion in regional 2!

Mens' Tennis

There will be a mens’ team match on Sunday 17th May, from 9am. Courts 1 & 2 will be reserved from 9am – 1pm and courts 4 & 5 from 9am – 11am. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Ladies' Tennis Results - 12th May

Congratulations to the ALT's team who won their match 4-0 against Vanves on Tuesday.
The next match is against TC Garches at the SAC on Tuesday 19th May.
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