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Thursday 27 April 2017

Snooker - Annual Cocktail and Dinner

The annual snooker cocktail and dinner will take place on 29th April, with the finals taking place during the day. Reservations are limited so book now.

Snooker Tournament - Semi Finals Coming Up

The snooker tournament is now reaching the crunch matches with the semi finals set to be played shortly.

Snooker Tournament

The Snooker tournament is moving fast and we already have some results from the quarter-finals.

Snooker Tournament News - 6th December

The Snooker tournament has started this week and players are urgently requested to play their first rounds (singles and doubles) before 17th December.

2016/2017 Snooker Tournament

The draws for the snooker tournament, which starts this week, are attached (singles, doubles, juniors & veterans) and are also up on the Snooker board.

Snooker News September 2016

The draws for the snooker tournament, which starts this week, are attached (singles, doubles, juniors & veterans) and are also up on the Snooker board.  Players are requested to play their first rounds by 17th December.

Snooker Tournament - Doubles Finals

Roland and Andrew, playing Max and Hugo, won the final of the doubles despite a slow start.

Snooker Singles Finals

Roland Tchertoff is still our Snooker champion as he saw off the challenge of Paul Willey who looked as if he had given his all in his semi-final. 

Snooker Tournament - The Finals

The singles final will take place this weekend between Paul Willey (who beat Emmanuel) to set up a classic final against Roland Tchertoff who had to see off David who put in a good performance especially in the second frame.

Snooker Tournament - Semi Finals Coming Up...

Semi finals of the singles and the doubles will be played this weekend. Come around, enjoy a drink. David will be challenging Roland and Paul will take on Emmanuel in the singles. 

Snooker Tournament - Quarter Final News

We had two games this week end as Simon was heavily involved playing his quarter final of the singles against Paul and then his doubles pairing up with David to challenge the favourites Roland and Andrew.

Snooker Tournament News - 18th January

The snooker doubles have started and in a close encounter Max and Hugo progressed to the semi-final by beating Paul and Joris who won the first frame and almost came from behind in the second only to be denied on the black.

Snooker Tournament News

Earlier this week, the last two games of the First Round of the Snooker Tournament took place.

Snooker Special Event featuring Steve Davis OBE

Friday 4th March 

Six times world champion Steve Davis OBE a true all-time Snooker legend has accepted to cross the Channel for an exclusive snooker event with exhibition matches and trick shots followed by a Black-Tie Dinner at the Standard Athletic Club.  

The "Expatriates Magazine" in Paris will be sending one of their main journalists to the event with a view to writing an article. They already have a short presentation in their current issue, which you can find on 




Snooker Tournament

The 2016 Tournament started on 3rd January. We are delighted to have reached the target of 16 participants.

Snooker News

Saturday 30th May to inaugurate our new table – an afternoon and evening of snooker fun, including coaching, master class, exhibition and trick shots followed by cocktail (7pm) and dinner.

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