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Thursday 27 April 2017

Rugby & Brexit 

On Saturday 11th February the club will be showing the match between Wales and England on the big screen starting at 5.50pm 

Steak and chips will be available from 7pm but please reserve by Friday evening at the bar or with  


The attached document "UK Citizens in Europe: Towards an Alternative White Paper" should be of interest to most of our members. It has been prepared by Brits in Europe and several other bodies representing the interests of UK citizens living in other EU member states. It was published on the same day as the Government's White Paper, and has been sent to a large number of MPs and members of the House of Lords.

The document spells out the most serious concerns facing UK citizens who live in France or other EU member states, in reliance on their rights as EU citizens. It proposes ways in which the pre-Brexit rights of all UK citizens living in the EU (and those of EU citizens living in the UK) can be preserved.

Download this file (Alternative White Paper_presented by UK Citizens in Europe.pdf)Brexit Alternative White Paper[ ]159 kB
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