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Wednesday 20 September 2017

Lucy Kaye, director of the Costa Brexit video that featured on The Guardian website in March, has informed the BCC that The Guardian wishes to make a second film focusing on young entrepreneurial Brits who are making exciting futures for themselves in the EU but whose hard work and dreams could be thwarted with Brexit looming.

They want to focus on working adults rather than students, ideally individuals who have invested everything they have in businesses in the EU that they now stand to lose because of Brexit - if they have children in local schools that would be even better.

The aim is to get across the point that these are not just statistics but real people, with real lives and a lot at stake, to try to get to the emotional heart of the issues people are facing a decision made in the UK that was outside their control, the sense that futures abroad for the next crop of young people have been taken away from them by Brexit.

Anyone interested should contact the BCC Chairman, Christopher Chantrey ( or 06 08 23 36 67) as soon as possible.

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