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Thursday 14 December 2017

The adult team won this Sunday against Belle-Ile 7-3. Next Sunday's game is against the Radcliffe 562 FC, coming over from England especially to play us.

Sunday 8th

The adult team won this Sunday against Belle-Ile 7-3.

After being 3 down after 35 minutes, Pascal scored a goal, what we thought would only save us from being trashed. Then Pierre scored another goal for SAC, rather comforting us than making us believe in a victory.

But then Alex scored and we were 3-3 and everything was possible again.

Our good organisation paid off and the young Philipp Le Brec (15 years old) scored making us 4-3, and another, for 5-3, in his first game in the adult team. Pierre scored (6-3) and then finally Pascal (7-3), making a come-back impossible for our opponents.

Thanks a lot to Jean-Noël Le Brec for refereeing the game.

Bravo to all, a result to be proud of!.

Sunday 15th

Next Sunday's game is against Radcliffe 562 FC, travelling especially from England to play us.

Radcliffe 562 FC is a social collection of senior footballers (Veterans) from the Manchester area, united by a love of the beautiful game and the conviviality that ensues when this is combined with one other special ingredient – BEER!

It was the second of those ingredients which lead the club to select their name. This is in memory of the last location in England (Radcliffe, north Manchester ) which was allowed to engrave pint beer glasses with its own special number (562) to prove that they really did contain a pint. Such markings are sadly now outlawed by the European Union’s CE mark. We play to remember and promote the memory of “562” though our magical football skills!!

Such markings are sadly now outlawed by the European Union’s CE mark. They to remember and promote the memory of “562” through their magical football skills!!

Formed on a social visit to Barcelona in 2004, the team the team has played regular friendly games across England and Ireland with an ever growing (and ageing) collection of footballers, whose former grace, speed, skill and style may still sometimes be seen, but only very fleetingly.

More information on 562 FC can be found on their website

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