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Friday 17 November 2017


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Ian Hellawell bids farewell to football
(and hello to a case of Champagne)

Olivier Memorial Trophy
Olivier Memorial Trophy

This Sunday's game was special for two reasons.

First, this was Ian Hellawell's last game for the SAC. Ian has decided, at the age of 70, to retire from the game. Over 20 years ago, Ian created the Sunday team as we know it and as it has continued all these years and will live on!

At the end of the game, both teams formed a guard of honour and Ian left the SAC football field accompanied by our collective applause and with a case of Champagne given by our team as a token of respect for what he has done for SAC football.


The second way the game was special is that is was played in honour of Olivier, one of Radcliffe 562 FC's players who should have played the game, but recently passed away. The kick-off of the Olivier Memorial Trophy game was given by his two daughters.

It was a very nice game and the players who scored for SAC were Jonathan Riches, Pascal Gastebois, Ian Hellawell, Harald Auss, Jérémie, Mikael Jayet, and Ignacio Aguirre.

The Olivier Memorial Trophy was given to the winner (SAC)

Everyone got Medals, Gold for the winning team and Silver for the other one.

It is intended that the Olivier Memorial Trophy match will become a regular feature between Radcliffe 562 FC and SAC in Manchester and in Paris. A trip to Manchester to defend the trophy sometime in the coming months or next year has become a serious option for the SAC team.

Radcliffe 562 FC was a very convivial team, socializing in the club long after the end of the game, a heart-warming spectacle!


Our game next Sunday is against Los Pipos from Chaville.


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