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Wednesday 20 September 2017


If you have never tried yoga, you might have the wrong impression. The asanas we practice are a means to a better place in our bodies and therefore in our minds.

Yoga is what follows. 

A calmer and stronger mind, stability of thought and emotions and a means to cultivate compassion and well-being in and around us.

Through specific postures, the body releases tensions and the organs are massaged refreshing them with new blood. The circulatory, respiratory and lymphatic systems are stimulated.

The benefits of practicing asanas and pranayama are numerous and on all levels:

  • Allows the body to find its full vitality
  • Find a positive mental space and centers the mind
  • Optimizes breath and energy flow
  • Taps into the natural resources within us
  • Helps find a space of serenity and joy within us.

With this in mind, we can give our practice a deeper meaning and allow it to become a real tool for transformation.

During this workshop we will work with our bodies and explore pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (postures), and end with a short meditation (10 min) followed by yoga nidra and restorative postures.

This is a good opportunity to get a glimpse into what Yoga is; and if you already know...this is your chance to deepen your practice.

Come with a mat (I have a few extra) and comfortable clothing.

I will provide the rest.

Where? In the bridge room

Price: 25€

When? Saturday, 14th June, 2014, 15h - 17h30

Please contact Monica to enroll - 06 58 81 57 02
Certified YOGAWORKS teacher, recognized by Yoga Alliance

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