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Monday 19 March 2018

Junior cricket started again in the rain on Saturday and will continue in better weather until school break-up in July before starting again at the end of August. All sessions are on Saturday mornings with visiting teams this season from Australia and the UK. All are welcome, including beginners.

Junior Cricket at Standard is organised at the under 11 and under 16 level. U11s play an adapted, faster form of the game that encourages team work and participation and doesn’t require any protective equipment. Sessions are on Saturday mornings 10am-11am. U16s progress on to play traditional cricket and practice 11h-13h on Saturday mornings, with regular matches. 

At any level your children won't need any special clothing or cricket gear. The SAC cricket section has very generously bought cricket gear and training aids adapted for small hands, so children don't need to bring any gear unless they have some already. This applies to U16s as well: SAC provides all protective equipment, including helmets.

Junior Cricket fees cover the cost of the equipment, the obligatory France Cricket Junior Licence, and a special piece of cricket clothing.


2015 fee schedule

Age group




€50 / €75 for two children



€120 / €180 for two children

€50 / €75 for two children

Documents needed to enrol:

  • A completed consent form; 
  • A photo (electronic format preferred); 
  • certificat medicalthat declares that your child’s… état de santé ne présent pas de contre-indication cliniquement décelable, ce jour à l'examen, à la pratique du sport du cricket'.
  • A cheque for the 2015 fees (made out to Standard Athletic Club Cricket Section); payment can also be made by credit card at the bar.


Andrew Macintyre, Section Head, Junior Cricket