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Saturday 21 April 2018

This Saturday saw the U11s eventually play host to U.S Metro as the original match was cancelled back in November. Snow having been announced, we were pleasantly surprised to see blue skies albeit a somewhat hard pitch.

The fact that the away team got lost en route to the club gave our boys the time to thoroughly warm up and the pitch to thaw. It was agreed that we would play 9 aside as we were low on numbers ourselves with Balthazar, Edouard and Eliot missing, so young Miles started his first full game of the season. The team started strongly and was rewarded for a good start with a nice goal by Alexander in the opening 5 minutes. Even with changes to the teams’ structure, we were playing well making good use of the wings and tackling strongly. However we got caught on the counter attack and the visitors equalized. Heads didn’t drop and we continued to look dangerous upfront hitting the post twice before succumbing to a good finish by their striker who lobbed the on-coming Ines to put the visitors ahead 2-1 at half time. The second half saw us defending well and putting some good passages of play together down the wings. We were starting to look like the better team and were finally rewarded an equalizer with a good finish by our left back Oscar with a low shot into the bottom right-hand corner. From this point on there only looked like one winner with Ines looking solid in goal. After several chances we finally got the winning goal with a superb strike from way out the box by Mathia. 3-2 and a really entertaining game which we deserved to win and which allows us to go into the winter break with our heads held high and growing in confidence.