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Sunday 22 April 2018

Welcome to the SAC

The Standard Athletic Club is hidden in the forest of Meudon just minutes from the Etoile.

It is Paris's premier International English-speaking Sports and Social Club, the perfect place for all the family to play sports casually or competitively or just relax and enjoy the social life.

If you'd like to know more, just call us on 01 46 26 16 09 or email .

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Squash Match 19th January

The latest match on 19th January, was an important evening for the SAC #1 team, as they faced Plessis, who went into the evening with the same win/loss record. A match for first place.

The courts were cold, as you can imagine…not nearly as bad as past years…just enough to throw off the opponents.

On first was Christian. After a healthy warm-up, he and Rudy started slugging it out. The match started well for SAC’s captain as he took the first game 11-5. The second game was nearly as fast. The old pro knew how to play the walls, drops and lobs and Rudy could not understand what was happening. 11-5. The third had a bit more tension, but the match was never a threat and Christian took home the prize in 3.

Next up was the big match of the night - Nicolas battling against the ever-threatening Christopher Stafford.  The level of play was excellent. The first game went to Stafford 11-3 but it was much closer than it seemed. Nico was simply up against someone who was determined and ran down every single ball. Not only did Christopher get the balls back, but he also placed them beautifully. No way in game 1 - too tough. No way in game 2, either. Nico left the court with a second 11-3 loss. This looked like it would be a quick one. Game 3 started in similar fashion. Nico went down 5-2. But he battled back and when the game got to 9-9, it was up for grabs. A favourable call by the ref allowed Nico to get to 10-9 and then finally Nico took the game. Game 4 was a quickie. Stafford came out pounding and Nico had to say goodbye to the match. Fine entertainment for all.

David next. Having come back from sickness, nobody was entirely sure how the match would go. He was playing a young, fit guy as well. But David surprised everyone with a super energetic start. He moved like a cat and produced some miracle nicks. After game one, same thing. David kept up the pace and forced his opponent to make enough errors. He quickly took game two. Now…David up by 2 games does not mean an easy ride. He’s been there before and lost it and, quite frankly, he gets nervous when he’s got such an early commanding lead. We all looked on…and what did we see? An even more impressive David. He was accurate, focused and deadly. Well done David on a great victory!

Sean was next. I’m going to make this short. The old Canadian pro took it to his man and it was over before I had time to get a pint at the bar. When Sean is on, he’s unbeatable. Plessis number three did not stand a chance. Sean’s 3-0 victory sealed the deal and SAC 1 had a confirmed victory for the night.

The fifth and final match was our energy-bunny Greg. Coming off a great victory the week before, he got on the court with as much intensity as we would expect. He was playing a seasoned veteran, who had seen a few squash balls in his day. Greg ran really well but his shots were unstructured and in the middle, leaving enough time for Olivier to do what he wanted. Rather than calming down, Greg picked up the frenzy and started to hit harder…but the balls were zinging around the walls and coming back to Olivier at the tee. There were some brilliant shots for Greg, for sure, but not enough to stop the train and Olivier managed to take the match in the end.

A great night for all. Special thanks to James for coming out to support us and take on the job of referee. It was nice to have the support.

SAC#1 keeps the number 1 spot and has a good chance to get to 2nd division as long as all the players can stay healthy and available. 

Squash Match 26th January

With two stalwarts MIA, we were a fabulous four to do battle against the sympa team from Squash 91. So we start 1 down.

JP walked out of the plane that morning from NYC. On a cold court 1 and with stiff legs, he lost game 1 to speedy Julien. He got the engine going, drilled rails down the wall low and won the next 3. 1-1.

James had not played a competitive or training match for some weeks now and was not on his top form. He lost 3-0 to Stephane. He vows to get his game edge back with some match practice. 1-2

David played well and won in straight sets against Jerome. 2-2

Sean started poorly and fell behind 0-2. Came back with more pace and better length 2-2. With a drop of focus, I lost the fifth to Laurent. 2-3

We will still be in first place once the Captain enters our results, tied with Plessis and Meaux in victories, ahead of both on matches and games. This will make an exciting end to the season in which every one of the 5 weeks will count.

Turnout is key. 



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