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Monday 23 November 2020

Last Saturday's Section Competition was a Patsome. The Joneses came out top (41 points) followed closely by  Sue Hall and John McCallum and the Delacroix, both teams on 39 with Sue and John with a better back 9.

Golf Section Patsome* Competition
Saturday, 24 October 2020

1 Ian & Murielle Jones 41
2 Sue Hall & John Mc Callum 39
3 Bertrand and Jeanne Delacroix 39
4 Monica Greenwood & Naomi Moore  32
5 James Moore & Claude Jacques 31
6 Frédéric Thiriet & Emile Freiha 24
7 John Willatts & Peter Hall 23

* PATSOME is played in teams of 2:

  • The first 6 holes are scored as Better Ball; the higher of the two Stableford scores counts.
  • The next 6 are played as Greensome: both partners drive, then they choose the better drive and play alternately.
  • The final 6 are played as proper Foursomes; one partner drives off and they play the hole out alternately, on the next hole the other partner drives, and on.

See the attached for a nice description of Patsome play.

Download this file (Patsome.pdf)Patsome.pdf[ ]534 kB

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