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1.  Name

“STANDARD ATHLETIC CLUB”, situated at Route Forestière du Pavé de Meudon, 92360 MEUDON-LA-FORÊT.

2. Object

The promotion in international and friendly conditions:

  1. Of the organization, the practice, the promotion and the development, for and adapted to children and adults, of the following sports : tennis, football, cricket, golf, squash, rugby, and other sporting activities that Management Committee feel appropriate ;
  2. Of a regular sports training program in one or more of the above disciplines, in order to prepare for official sporting events (competitive or non-competitive) organized at all levels (department, region, national, international) ;
  3. Of the physical, mental and social aptitude of all members, through sport in an official and recognized capacity, and to permit the possibility of a wide social integration ;
  4. Of an initiative for responsibility and civism, and to invite members to take an active part in the running of the association ;
  5. Of an environment for non-sporting activities such as bridge, chess and snooker.

The Association holds regular Assemblies, publishes an official bulletin, organizes training sessions and the participation in competitions, conferences and courses concerning sport and, in general, all exercises and initiatives, notably the organization of events and manifestations in order to be able to realize its object.

3. Membership

The Club consists of Full, Social, Seasonal, Off-Peak, Country, Guest and Honorary Members.

Full members are entitled to take part in all sports and social activities of the Club.

Social Members are entitled to use all of the facilities of the Club except those allocated to field sports, tennis and squash. However, a limited number, as fixed from time to time by the Management Committee, may be accepted for Squash membership for which the squash subscription must be paid.

Seasonal members are entitled to participate only in cricket or hockey or football or squash.

Off-Peak Membership is available for Tennis and Squash on conditions adopted from time to time by the Management Committee and posted in the Clubhouse.

Country Membership is reserved for Club Members leaving the Paris area (beyond 100 kilometres).

Guest membership is conferred by the Management Committee in special cases.

Honorary Membership is conferred by the Management Committee on the basis of outstanding services rendered.

Within these categories, and in particular for fixing subscription rates, anyone under the age of 5 years on January 1st is an Infant member, anyone over the age 5 years and under 11 on January 1st is a Child member, anyone over the age of 11 years and under 18 on January 1st is a Junior member and anyone over the age of18 years and under 35 years on January 1st is a Young Adult member.

Application for Membership shall be proposed by one and seconded by another Member of the Club. Any application so proposed and seconded shall be submitted to the Management Committee for election by majority vote. The Management Committee has absolute discretion to refuse any application without stating its reason for doing so. Priority membership shall be given to persons of British or Commonwealth nationality. The nationals of all countries which presently form part of the Commonwealth are considered as having Commonwealth nationality.

The maximum overall adult membership is decided from time to time by the Management Committee, bearing in mind the adequacy of the club facilities.

The Management Committee may also establish quotas of Members of nationality other than British and Commonwealth and, subject to vacancies existing in the relevant quotas, may admit persons of other nationalities, priority being given to spouses and dependants of British and Commonwealth Members. The order of this priority shall be based on the dates of first membership of the Club of related British or Commonwealth Members.

Every Junior Member of other than British or Commonwealth nationality shall, at the end of the calendar year in which he or she attains the age of 18 years, be obliged to re-apply for membership of the Club, and the re-admittance of any such person shall be decided upon by the Management Committee bearing in mind the above-mentioned priorities.

Every new Member shall be provided with a copy of Rules of the Club.

4. Fees and Subscriptions

Subject to the prior approval of a General Meeting, the Management Committee shall have power to increase or decrease the fees and subscriptions, as they consider necessary. Current rates shall be displayed on the Club notice board.

The subscription levels for a given year are to be determined at the AGM held during the previous year; those levels remain fixed and unchanged.

Further income requirements in any year, to be approved by members, should be considered as exceptional levies and not as subscription increases already agreed upon in previous year.

Temporary Membership for a period of less than one year may be granted to bona fide visitors to France sponsored by two members. Temporary Members shall have no voting rights in affairs of the Club and shall pay subscriptions determined by the Management Committee.

Subscriptions are due on 1st January, except in the case of seasonal members of Hockey and Football. No Member whose subscription is in arrears shall be entitles to any privileges of the Club or take part in any competitions connected therewith, and the Management Committee shall have the power to expel any Member whose subscription is not paid within three months of the same being due.

5. Officers

  1. President
    M. Consul General in Paris shall be invited to be President of the Club. In the event of the Consul General should not wish to accept such office or should not wish to accept such office or should not wish to continue in office, a President shall be elected at the next AGM who shall hold office for a period of three years and shall be eligible for re-election for further period of three years.
  2. Vice-Presidents
    There shall not be more than two Vice-Presidents who shall be elected annually at the AGM.

6. Management Committee

  1. The Management Committee shall be composed of the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, House Committee Chairman and four members to be elected annually at the AGM (hereinafter referred to as “Elected Members”). The Vice-Presidents and Honorary Secretary must be of British or Commonwealth nationality. The Honorary Treasurer and up to three (3) of the remaining members may be of non-British or Commonwealth nationality.
  2. Candidates for election as officers, House Committee Chairman and Elected Members must be proposed and seconded in writing at least five days before the AGM and the Secretary shall for this purpose display a suitable notice in the Clubhouse.
  3. If there are not sufficient candidates, duly proposed and seconded for election as officers or as Elected Members, additional candidates for any vacancies remaining unfilled may be accepted at the AGM itself, notwithstanding the requirements of at least five days’ notice laid down in paragraph b) of this Rule.
  4. Notwithstanding provision of paragraph b) of this Rule, an unsuccessful candidate for election as one of the officers may stand as a candidate at the same AGM for membership of the Management Committee, as an Elected Member, as Chairman of the House Committee, provided he or she was duly proposed and seconded as a candidate for election as an officer in accordance with paragraph b) of this rule.
  5. At the first Management Committee Meeting following the AGM, the Members of the Management Committee shall elect one of the VPs as Chairman of the Committee for the year. Five members shall form a quorum at Management Committee Meetings.
  6. If any officer of the Club, or member of the Management Committee is unable to complete his or her term of office, the Management Committee shall be empowered to co-opt a member to replace him or her, where possible from those standing for election to the Management Committee.

7.(i) Management Committee meetings

The Management Committee meets at least once a month, except during the summer vacation period when an interval of two months may elapse, its duties being to look after the general and financial interests of the Club. It is empowered:

  1. to call an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time it may think fit subject to due notice, and
  2. to expel any member for misconduct or non-compliance with the Rules.

Minutes of all Management Committee meetings shall be posted on the notice board.

Any project involving capital expenditure in excess of 20% of the previous year’s subscription income shall be submitted, together with a detailed cost estimate, to a General Meeting for approval before funds are committed. The Management Committee’s discretion to commit funds to it shall be limited to 10% of the sum approved.

7.(ii) The House Committee

The House Committee shall comprise 5 members, known as Club Stewards, to be elected at the AGM, who will subsequently elect one of their number as Chairman to sit on the Management Committee.

The function of the House Committee shall be:

  1. General up-keep and standards of the Clubhouse and Cloakrooms
  2. Social events
  3. Public relations with new members
  4. Surveillance of the swimming pool

8. Section Committee

There shall be Section Committees for Tennis, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Squash, Gold and Children, the members of which shall be elected at sectional AGMs of interested members to be held at a time of the year suited to the section concerned. The names of those elected shall be displayed in the Club and announced at the following Club AGM.

Complete rules of the Section Committees shall be drawn up by the Committee concerned and displayed in the Club, after approval by the Management Committee.

A member of any Committee who absents himself or herself twice out of five consecutive meetings without adequate excuse may be replaced at the discretion of the Management Committee.

The Club repudiates all responsibility for any accident, which may befall a member or a visitor while in the Club premises or grounds or in the practice of any sports, games or matches organised by the Club. Responsibility is also declined for the loss of any personal effects left in the Club premises or grounds.

The Treasurer renders accounts of all monies received and paid by him on behalf of the Club, which accounts are verified by one auditor to be appointed at the AGM. The Management Committee is empowered at any time to call on the Treasurer for a statement of the financial position of the Club. All sectional accounts are under the control of, and shall be rendered to the Treasurer periodically.

9. General meetings

  1. The AGM shall take place before the end of June each year.
  2. At least four weeks’ notice must be given to members in writing of all General Meetings. The notice shall include the Agenda for the meeting.
  3. In the case of the AGMs a copy of the accounts of the year under review shall be displayed on the notice board in the Clubhouse not less than fifteen days before the meeting and shall be supplied to any member on request before the meeting. Together with the agenda, members will be supplied with all relevant financial and statistical information necessary to enable the individual items to be fully debated at the meeting. This will include the Forecast of the Income and Expenditure, and Cash Flow for the current financial year, and the proposed annual subscription for the following year.
  4. Minutes of all General Meetings shall be displayed on the notice board in the Clubhouse within a month of their occurrence and be taken as approved if no written objection as to their accuracy is received by the Secretary from attending members within a further month. The minutes and objections will remain on the notice board until the following General Meeting, who shall vote on the approval in the case of remaining objections.
  5. In addition to the power given to the Management Committee to convene an Extraordinary Meeting under Rule 7a), an Extraordinary Meeting shall be convened at any time at the request of not less than fifty members of the Club; such a meeting shall be notified to the members within fifteen days of notice of the request being received by the Secretary. The meeting shall be held within forty-five days of such notification.
  6. All General Meetings shall be presided over by the President of the Club or in his or her absence, by a Vice-President of the Club. All members, including Student Members of 18 years or over, other than Temporary, Country, Off-peak, Seasonal, Junior or Child Members shall be eligible to vote at such meetings. A quorum shall exist whenever at least sixty members are present, provided that at least 60 % or the nearest whole exceeding 60% of the members present are of British or Commonwealth nationality.
  7. Except for the amendment of the Rules (see Rule 10) the decisions of the AGMs, including the election of officers, will be taken by simple majority vote of members entitled to vote present or represented by proxy at the General Meeting. Members present may cast up to three (3) votes by proxy.

10. Amendment of Rules

Notification of any proposed amendment of the Rules must be received by the Secretary at least three weeks before the date of a General Meeting. Full reasons for any proposed changes in the Rules shall be given. The Rules, or any of them, may be altered, rescinded or added to at any General Meeting by the vote of two thirds of the members present or represented by proxy and voting at such a meeting.

Opening and closing times of the Club premises will be determined by the Management Committee and will be posted in the Clubhouse.

11. Daily members

The Management Committee shall establish and display regulations for visitors. Members are allowed a reasonable number of visitors to the Club during the year. In the case of visitors of British or Commonwealth nationality resident overseas, a reasonable number of visits shall be permitted.

12. Children

Parents are responsible for their children and for appropriate supervision of their conduct while on Club premises.

13. Dogs

Dogs and other animals are not allowed on the Club premises.

14. Dissolution

In the event of dissolution, a General meeting will decide on the method of liquidation and appoint a Committee of Five members to carry out the necessary arrangements.

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