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Coronavirus: COVID-19 latest

While the Clubhouse itself remains closed until further notice, access to the grounds has been eased - but still subject to restrictions: doubles play in tennis is allowed, as are picnics and gatherings of fewer than 10 people (including children) 

To contact the Club please do not telephone but rather email

Saturday 6 June 2020


On Sunday 21st the SAC adult and junior teams played against VSCI. The adults played after the children's games.

The SAC team conceded 2 goals in the first 30 minutes. We had the ball most of the time but opponent's defence was disciplined and numerous and proved hence to be quite insurmountable.

Despite the opponent's strength, our team slowly but surely came back in the second half and were even leading 3-2 five minutes before the end (goals by Harald Auss and Laurent Minet). Unfortunately the referee whistled an undisputable penalty for VSCI resulting in a final score of 3-3.

The game next Sunday is against Jouy en Josas.

Sanding of the Football Pitch financed by Crêperie Framboise

We are very happy to announce that Crêperie Framboise has generously agreed to fund the sanding of the football pitch.

Framboise - Restaurant de Crêpes is a company managed and co-founded by our experienced left-back Gérald de Nanteuil. Framboise has five crêpes restaurants in the best and most central areas of Paris. Do go and try some of their delicious crêpes!

Junior Football

Under grey skies on Sunday morning, it was a pleasure for SAC to host two junior teams from Le Vésinet before the adult match between the two clubs on the main pitch.

And what a fine spectacle of junior soccer it was. With the rain miraculously staying away, both matches were played in the best of spirits.

On the first junior football pitch, the determined under-8 SAC team soundly defeated their opponents 7-1. As the eager crowd of parents hugged the sidelines, braving the cold in their mittens and boots, SAC started the scoring early with a thunderous kick from 10 yards away by Alexander followed by 2 more goals assisted by the agile midfielder Augustin. Though the players from Le Vésinet tried to find cracks in the impenetrable SAC defence led by the mighty duo, Aurélien and Mischa, they were outmatched on this wonderfully muddy Sunday morning. Le Vésinet tried to mount a comeback in the final minutes, but SAC goalie Jules made several incredible saves, greeted by roars of approval from the cheering SAC parents, surely heard seven counties away.


Criterium Ile de France

Team 2 won 3/2 at home, Team 1 lost 3/2 in Vincennes.

Internal tournament on February 3

There will be an internal tournament on Saturday, 3rd February, from 4.00 pm followed by a dinner.

The tournament is mainly for players on the teams but if you were hesitating about joining a team, it would be a good test and a great way to meet most of the players.

Please register here

Discover Squash on a Sunday afternoon!

Another discovery session will be offered on 4th February from 3.00-4.30 pm with Sean Lafleur and Thomas Marchadier.

Please sign up by email with . The session will be limited to a small number of players.


A Daytime Workshop (a continuation of the lesson on how to defend against a "Weak 2" opening) followed by lunch and a friendly match or tournament on Friday 26th January, starting at 11.00 am. (Contact Claude)

Fitness: Pilates/Step &Sculpt

The Monday class is looking good and may start next Monday.

Classical Pilates Mat – 1 hour class for mobility, flexibility, strength and unparalleled muscle tone! We are now pre-registering participants for a NEW Pilates lunchtime class to be held on Mondays.

Step and Sculpt - 1 hour 45 minutes of fat burning and muscle sculpting targeted for women with focus on legs, arms, posture muscles, bum and core.

Check the website for current class schedule or contact Pam for sign-up and additional information.


Bad days make for great workouts!

Join the muddy crowd and enjoy lifting your weights up high and your doing your squats down low. Meet up at 2.30 p.m.

These high-intensity interval workouts are fun and very effective at improving your fitness level and burning fat. All fitness levels welcome!

The price is 15 € for a trial session. Please sign up via Bootcamp Registration.


Yoga class as usual this Saturday, but no class on Saturday 3rd February.

A final reminder that the last date for reserving for the last 'Oysters' of the year is Thursday at 8.00 p.m.

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28 May 2020
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