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Friday 20 May 2022

We are working towards a more cost-conscious environment in terms of operating costs (regular bar stock management, no more staff overtime or temporary staff, for the moment…) with an tighter financial oversight, but at the same time strengthening our member community, by going back to our ‘club culture’ roots. Indeed, what makes our club so special is not just the amazing settings, but also the unique way that our club has always been run by its members, who have so generously given their free time to the sound running of the club over the decades.

Our aim is to truly go back, as much as possible, to these roots. Indeed, given the current crisis and the absence of an onsite manager, getting more people involved on a voluntary basis, is all the more necessary.

Since July 6, regular staff meetings have been carried out in order to get to know everyone and present our philosophy and goals for the club, but also listen to their vision and ideas for the future.

Staff, often helped by some MC members, have started a general club clean-up, removing piles of rubbish and cleaning up the backyard, and space behind the marquee, weeding the alleyways, cutting the hedges, BBQ’s all set up the Rose Garden for picnics, wage war on the wasps, etc.

Some recent events:

  • - 13-17 July: Kids summer tennis camp with Carole was full
  • - 12 July: South African BBQ was a real success with over 50 people present (over €1000 in bar takings!)

Future events:

  • - Every Tuesday & Friday; After work cocktails and lounge music (7-9 pm)
  • - 24-28 August; English Summer Camp for kids
  • - 12 September, Save the date for a ‘welcome back apérérif’, organised for members (Newsflash to follow)
  • - September; Kids activities starting up again (football, tennis with Carole, squash with Roland, “Little English School” on Wednesdays)

The Clubhouse is now open, and Members may now invite guests. Please wear a mask when inside the clubhouse except when seated.




Our recent achievements

-          bridge room window repairs


-          Terrace awnings repaired


-          Rear gate repaired


-          Marquee repaired and cleaned, ready for events

We have a new price list for members who wish to rent the marquee


-          Tractor and sit-on lawnmower repaired


-          Swimming pool repaired and fully operational - inspected early July by ARS (l'Agence régionale de santé)



-          Repairs to squash court number 1, to be finished on July 30th


Robot lawn mower: A pilot test carried out throughout July to mow a section of the cricket field. A wider scale test, on the whole field is now being considered


The whole club is in line with French Covid laws: e.g., the front desk has a temperature check machine and hand sanitizer gel distributor (both donated by members)




Treasurer’s report

Economic redundancies:

Early 2020, the Management Committee was left with no choice but to lay-off both managers, due to economic reasons. Their employment contracts came to an end on June 15, 2020. Both managers have since sent an official letter to the MC, informing us of the overtime they claim to have worked during their time at SAC. After having examined their requests, and following the recommendations of SAC’s lawyer, we came to the conclusion that this claim for overtime was unfounded. Both managers have been informed of this decision. There have been no further developments on this.

Financial frugality; Improving cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency

In the summer of 2019, we discovered that our club was defaulting on its payments.  Indeed, SAC could no longer pay its bills regularly, due to lack of cash.

Cost reductions and spending control have been made since then. For the moment, we have stopped all overtime, for all SAC staff. Indeed, over the years, this overtime had weighed considerably on our finances (for example, in 2019 more than €12,000 in overtime was paid to our 2 gardeners).

The use of temporary workers in the bar & restaurant has also been stopped, for the moment.

Employee schedules have been redesigned to optimise their workload and the service offering.

A stricter monitoring of all invoices and their payment has also been put into place.

Finally, we immediately pushed to stop the practice of paying the bills from the previous year with the subs from the following year, a financial practice that had contributed to leading the club into financial difficulties.

A new organisation based on volunteer work:

Several club volunteers have stepped up to take over certain of the functions of our 2 managers. One member for example is dedicated to human resources, ensuring we have a stricter regulatory monitoring of French labour laws. Another member monitors the club works,… etc.

Call for subs 2020/2021

We will maintain 2019 rates, with no increase. The calls for subs have been sent out, therefore based on 2019 rates. The policy of systematically increasing subs in recent years and regularly asking members was overwhelmingly refused by the new members of the MC.

Our objective is to improve cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency, as well as the service offering itself, but always remaining true to the club’s heritage.

Renovating court number 3

This big renovation project will be planned and implemented, as soon as financially possible, as part of our future general investment strategy in sports equipment, in close co-operation with the sports section presidents.