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Tuesday 20 March 2018

In the morning, the adult team played 'against' Los Pipos of Chaville, and after the Remembrance Day lunch, 10 parents and 17 children battled it out under the supervision of coaches Didier and Philippe!

In the morning, the adult team played against Los Pipos of Chaville. In addition to observing a minute’s silence before the match, half of the players on each side swapped their shirts with each other to mix up the teams as another way to commemorate Remembrance Day.

We had an entertaining, hard-fought football game with a final score of 4-2 in a great atmosphere. Among the goal scorers, it’s worth noting fine strikes by young SAC-players Harald Auss and Charles de Nanteuil, each one for a different team.

Some of the adults stayed on for the Remembrance Day lunch and in the afternoon, with the support of the junior football coaches Didier and Philippe, we had the parents and children's tournament.

After another minute’s silence of respect, four mixed teams made up of parents and kids of all ages took the field in some splendidly English drizzle in a quick-fire round-robin tournament. Altogether we were 27 participants: 10 parents and 17 children on the field. Nearly all the matches were keenly contested, with many of the children putting the grown-ups to shame with nifty dribbling and accurate shooting despite the wet conditions. Some die-hard SAC soccer stars braved the increasingly heavy rain to stay on for a penalty shoot-out tournament after the main event was over.

A big thanks to Laurent Brault, Jean-Noël Lebrec and coaches Didier and Philippe for putting the day together.

Remembrance Day 2017 Parent Child soccer tournament

Some of Saturday’s participants in the 2017 parents-children SAC Remembrance Day soccer tournament.

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