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Saturday 16 February 2019

On Sunday the SAC team played against one of our traditional opponents, Los Pipos. We played in Chaville on an astroturf pitch and it was a success - We won 7-3!

We had put our young and fast players, Charles de Nanteuil and Harald Auss, up front and this proved to be very effective. Supported by a solid defense and a good midfield, Charles and Harald continuously launched very fast strikes and succeeded in scoring 6 goals in the first half (4 for Harald Auss!). Speed was the key.

In the second half, the game was more even and we were afraid of collapsing and seeing our opponents strike back as has happened so often these past Sundays. But we managed to survive and even scored again so that the final score was a 7-3 for us. As always we enjoyed a few beers with Los Pipos after the game.

Next game will be against VSCI "Vésinet Sport Club International" coming Sunday.

Jean-Noël Lebrec and VCSI have organised games between our respective children that will start at 10.00 am.

We'll have two SAC-teams:

  • one team of 7/8-year-olds
  • one team of 9/10-year-olds

If your children have not signed up yet and want to join, please email .

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