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Saturday 16 February 2019

On Sunday, the adult football team played against "Ludo Cohen's team", one of our toughest opponents who we've been playing for about 15 years now.

In the first half things were very even and we ended 2-2 (both SAC goals by Harald Auss). But in the second half, our opponents were determined to leave with a win, as they have done most of the time we've played them, and started playing faster and better football.

Some good coaching by Benjamin Sharp and our fighting spirit allowed us to hold and even to score 3 counterstrikes (goals by Pascal Gastebois, Vassili de Rosen and Mikael Jayet).

While not detracting from the tremendous effort by our players, we were also helped by the mud in our side of the pitch sticking to their strikers' boots and to the ball and preventing them from really using their speed!

The final score was 6-4 for the SAC!

The game next Sunday is against FIFFA.

Thanks again to Crêperies Framboise who are generously providing financial support for the sanding of our football pitch.

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