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Thursday 27 January 2022

 Our club boasts one of the best natural-grass football fields in the Paris region.
There are few better moments than walking out onto the turf, dew on the grass, mist in the air, autumn leaves on the trees, the sun creeping over the forest on a Sunday morning just before one of our regular friendly Sunday matches.
But we need more players!
So it is time for members to dust off their inner Lionel Messi and Harry Kane and get in touch with section head Laurent Brault () about representing the SAC at Football.
We may no longer have much ambition to repeat our French championship league victory of 1894, but our opponents are friendly, the showers are hot, new beers are in at the bar and logs are on the fire.
Come play the beautiful game!  

Download this file (SAC FOOTBALL FLYER 2a.pdf)SAC FOOTBALL FLYER 2a.pdf[ ]244 kB