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Monday 19 March 2018

Football News - Sunday 11th March - SAC vs La Salernitana

On Sunday, the adult football team played against La Salernitana, a group of players from Salerno, Italy. Final score 4-4. Next Sunday's game is against "Les Italiens".

Football News - 6th March

The game this Sunday is against "La Salernitana". La Salernitana's players are from Salerno which is an area in Southern Italy. Some of them are travelling from all the way from Italy just for this game and will certainly be very motivated to play.

Football News - 29th January

On Sunday, the adult team defeated Jouy en Josas 6-2, with goals by Pascal Gastebois, Jérémy Wais and Charles de Nanteuil

Football News - 5th February

On Sunday 4th our adult football team fought a muddy battle against one of our oldest (15 years) traditional opponents - "Ludo Cohen's team" - and emerged victorious 6-4!

Football News - 12th February

Unfortunately, Sunday's game was cancelled as both our and FIFFA's pitches were unplayable.

Football News - 20th February

No game on Sunday 18th. The next game is on Sunday 4th March against Team Pepite (Benoît Escher and friends).

Football News - 27th February

There was a freezing cold scratch 8-a-side game against Marly on Sunday, which was drawn 4-4. The next game is on Sunday 4th March against Team Pepite (Benoît Escher and friends).

Football news - 22nd January - a 3-3 draw against VSCI

On Sunday 21st the SAC adult and junior teams played against VSCI. Adults played after the children's games. The game next Sunday will be against Jouy en Josas.

Sunday Football - 26th Nov - SAC vs British School

Despite the disappointing result (they beat us 5-2) it was a very entertaining game. Next Sunday's game is against a new team, Ville d'Avray.

Sunday Football News - 19th November

On Sunday 19th, the adult football team lost badly against the Ludo Cohen's team.

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