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Saturday 24 August 2019

We held our first ever golf initiation session with Franck Aumonier, the Villarcaux Pro last Saturday. We reckon some 30-40 joined in (though only 4 had signed up!). Franck had to rope in some extra coaching skills from Section stalwarts John McCallum, John Willatts, Claude Jacques, John Greenwood, Patrick & Alison Lavelle to keep all our budding golfers happy. Some of the adults were getting agitated that they might not get a go as there were so many youngsters! Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

One kid remarked, "I'm coming back next week" and another, "I'm going to ask my parents if we can come to Villarceaux".

Thanks to everyone who came along and helped to make this 2-hour+ time so enjoyable and so much fun for everyone.

Ⓖⓞⓛⓕ ⓘⓢ ⓙⓤⓢⓣ ⓟⓛⓐⓘⓝ ⓕⓤⓝ!