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Wednesday 18 September 2019

Centenary Cup 19/10 (or 26/10)

This matchplay against Villarceaux is currently scheduled to be played on Saturday 19th October; there is now a chance that it might be pushed back to October 26th at Villarceaux’s request. To be confirmed by early September.

Dates for 2020

Spring Outing – this will be held from Friday 1st May to Sunday 3rd May at Wimereux. More details to follow.

40th Spring Cup - Saturday 16th May.


Mixed matchplay: See this article over on Sacgolf

Herewith the results of this summer's Eclectic competition (6 cards, best net/gross score on each hole, scored during full round). (See also on Sacgolf)

Eclectic (Gross)

Sue Hall = 69;
John McCallum = 74;
James Moore= 76;
John Goodhardt = 77

Eclectic (Net)

David Colson = 47.5;
John Goodhardt = 55.2;
Sue Hall = 57.3;
John McCallum = 57.7

Coming soon

21 Sep 2019
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