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Coronavirus: COVID-19 latest

Following official regulations, the Club remains open for children's football, adult and children's tennis and other outdoor sporting activities, but the Clubhouse itself remains closed. The Club is open from 8 am - 6.45 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am - 6.45 pm at weekends. Entrance will be through the front door, though there is no access to the upstairs and the bar, except the terrace via the external stairs. The usual 'protocoles sanitaires' and social distancing. Arrangements have been made for the changing rooms and toilets to be accessible, but please do not use the changing rooms except to access lockers, so please come prepared.

Friday 16 April 2021

Since it has been and is likely to continue to be impossible to hold a Section meeting, please find attached a review of the situation and perspectives for 2021 by Frédéric Thiriet.

Our Villarceaux membership numbers are declining, so if anyone knows anyone who would like to join Villarceaux at the advantageous rates we enjoy, please let the Committee know.

Some key dates for 2021

Golf weekends:
We are still planning to have our spring Weekend at Wimereux on 30th – 2nd May next year. More details to follow, once we know whether we can go or not.
The Autumn weekend will take place at Roncemay on 24th – 26th September.
Main competitions:
The Spring Cup sponsored by the Golf Section at Villarceaux will take place on the 29th May
The Autumn Vase will take place on 2nd October.

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