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Monday 19 March 2018

Spring is here and summer is coming. A reminder that the clubs singles and doubles tennis ladders are up and running.
We think they are a great way to dust off your tennis skills by challenging friends and getting in touch with fellow tennis players at the club.
If you're not yet signed up, please just send an email to .and we'll get you started.
We have set up two ladders, both open to all full members of the club: A singles ladder and one for doubles, to be played with various partners rather than fixed pairings. These formats should allow tennis players to play with other members however they prefer: ladies singles, mixed doubles, men’s doubles, men’s singles.
To make this possible and easy to use by participants, the SAC tennis ladders is hosted by where you can find all the information you need on how the ladders work.
Players who have already shown their interest in the ladders were added automatically to the ladder/s of their choice.
The initial ranking for the winter ladders was random.There are lots of unused wildcards - which allow any player to challenge another regardless of ranking -- so get some challenges in!
For the summer ladder, to begin as soon as the clay courts re-open--likely at the end of April-- every player will receive two wildcards to allow them to challenge anyone else on the ladder, regardless of ranking. Thereafter, you'll have to follow the ladder rules on who can challenge whom.
Players who sign up automatically get an email with instructions about how to access the SAC tennis ladders.
Remember your tennisrungs user name follows the same formula as the club's ADSL court-booking system eg: MACURT for Matthew Curtin; ARMARO for Arnaud Marois. You select a password of your own choosing.
Players make their own challenges and report their own scores via tennisrungs.
So please get challenging:
Bon tennis!
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