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Thursday 24 September 2020

Coronavirus: COVID-19 latest

The Clubhouse is now open and Members may now invite guests.
Members and guests will be expected to comply with the Club's Covid 19 charter for the maximum safety of their fellows and staff.
Please wear a mask when inside the clubhouse except when seated. Maintain a distance of at least 1m from other people.
In the grounds gatherings should be of fewer than 10 people (including children).

This week Team 1 had two important matches. On Monday evening at home, they played against Squash 95 4, a match that had been rescheduled due to the December strikes. SAC 1 won 4-1, with solid 3-0 victories from Aurélien, Jean-Guillaume, Charles and Greg. Alec lost for the first time this season, 1-3 against a young player who has won all his matches for the last 2 seasons.
Thursday we played Altiplano St Cloud at home also. This was the only team that beat us in the first part of the season, but this time, with a little help from our cold court, we mercilessly took our "revanche" 5-0 with victories from Alec, Aurélien, Jean-Guillaume, Nico and David. It definitely felt like division 2 is getting closer for team 1...

Team 2 did not play this week. 

Team 1 IMG 20200123 WA0004

Team 1. From left to right: Jean-Guillaume, Aurélien, Nicolas (our favourite Thursday barman), David and Alec

Alec warm up IMG 20200123 WA0001
Alec warming up with his winter hat.

Kia Kaha IMG 20200123 WA0000
Kia Kaha: our Maori motto meaning "stay strong"
thanks Charles ;-)

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