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Coronavirus: COVID-19 latest

Following official regulations, the Club remains open for children's football, adult and children's tennis and other outdoor sporting activities, but the Clubhouse itself remains closed. The Club is open from 8 am - 6.45 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am - 6.45 pm at weekends. Entrance will be through the front door, though there is no access to the upstairs and the bar, except the terrace via the external stairs. The usual 'protocoles sanitaires' and social distancing. Arrangements have been made for the changing rooms and toilets to be accessible, but please do not use the changing rooms except to access lockers, so please come prepared.

Monday 17 May 2021

The annual reconditioning of our clay courts is almost complete.
This year, with a new provider - Supersol, the company that supplies The French Open / Roland Garros with its signature red brick dust and crushed white limestone - we hope you will enjoy a unique experience. Work will be completed by Tuesday but the weather remains a bit chilly so we consider it preferable to leave the courts to rest for a couple of days to allow them to dry thoroughly before playing, therefore securing the tennis season. Consequently, please expect the clay courts to open Saturday morning.

Just as a quick - but important - reminder, the basic rules for the proper use of our courts are:
• Players should arrange for the court to be ready for the following players ON TIME. Meaning they should stop play 3-5mn before the end of the session.
• Players should use the net to sweep the courts each time AFTER playing, brush the lines if necessary AND water the court after sweeping. If no game before you, please water the court before playing AND after playing.
This way, we will ensure that all of us can enjoy optimal game conditions until the end of the season.