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Friday 14 December 2018

Tuesday 13th Tournament Results

(See the attachment for full details.)

Congratulations to Joyce and Jeanne, 1st in North-South with 55% and to newcomer Ana and Jenny, 1st in East-West with 58.13%. 2nd in EW were Jane and Marie-Claire with 53.13% (the only pair to make 6 Hearts on Hand no.15!) and 2nd in NS were Michele and John with 51.25%.

There were only 5 tables, but what we lacked in quantity we made up for in quality. Thanks to all those who came along, not forgetting our cook, Srikaran, for a delicious dinner and Sebastien for all his hard work.

Friday 23rd Workshop

Learning how to go about slam-bidding.

Club proposals for Lunch on the 23rd


Lasagne and salad OR Chicken curry and rice - please contact Jenny with your preference and she'll order what the majority asks for

followed by

Apple and Almond Tart

Download this file (ETAT_RESULTAT_20180313.pdf)ETAT_RESULTAT_20180313.pdf[ ]5 kB

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14 Dec 2018
11:00AM -
Bridge Workshop
15 Dec 2018
07:30PM -
Chistmas Dinner
16 Dec 2018
02:00PM - 04:30PM
Children's Christmas Party
16 Dec 2018
06:00PM -
Christmas Carols
23 Dec 2018
06:00PM - 11:59PM
Christmas Holiday Closure
04 Jan 2019
09:00AM -
Club reopens
06 Jan 2019
06:00PM - 09:00PM
Oysters and Black Velvet
15 Jan 2019
07:00PM - 11:00PM
Bridge Dinner/Tournament