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Wednesday 26 June 2019

A few members of the Bridge Section took part in the special Mayday bridge tournament organized by the Chaville Club (Tournoi du Muguet): Remy Cauchard and his partner, Jean-Jacques Merret, finished 4th, Jenny Pratt and partner Jean-Michel Piekolek finished 10th, and in the separate tournament for 3rd and 4th series players, Sally Buswell and Pat Harding tied for 11th place; all three pairs were very happy to receive money prizes, and all the lady players were given a sprig of lily of the valley.

Our dinner and evening tournament is now taking place on Tuesday 15th May (not on the 8th as originally announced) (). We now have agreed upon a taste-bud-tickling menu:

Roast pork with home-made applesauce, green beans and roast potatoes
Cheese platter and salad
Red fruit pannacotta

Our next Workshop (with some exercises and lots of prepared hands) will be on Friday 25th May ()

Our special Individual Tournament, preceded by prize-giving and dinner, will be on Tuesday 19th June - all bridge players are urged to come along and enjoy this relaxed tournament where you don't need a partner and the Workshop will be on Friday 22 June - before everyone goes away on holiday.

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