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Monday 23 September 2019

Warm congratulations to Tuesday's champs - Mary and Remy, 1st in NS with 66.44%, and particularly to the firsts in EW - Jean-Philippe and Ian (Cully), with 60.53%!
Very well done to the 2nds in NS - Jeanne and Monica, and in EW - Jane and Françoise.

Don't forget our Workshop on Friday 12th April - we'll mostly be playing hands this time, revising all we've been learning in our recent workshops.

Our next dinner/tournament will be on Tuesday 7 May and the workshop on Friday 24th May.

Coming soon

27 Sep 2019
Golf Autumn Weekend
29 Sep 2019
Cricket SACC vs Embassy
06 Oct 2019
10:00AM -
All hands on deck!
17 Oct 2019
18 Oct 2019
07:00PM -
Meet the management Committee
19 Oct 2019
Golf Centenary Cup (TBC)
19 Oct 2019
08:00PM -
Delta Mango Live Concert
26 Oct 2019
Golf Centenary Cup (TBC)
13 Nov 2019
RBL Poppy Cup