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Following the latest official announcements, the Club remains open for children's football, adult and children's tennis and other individual outdoor sporting activities. The Club is normally open from 8 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am - 5 pm at weekends. Entrance will be through the front door, but the usual 'protocoles sanitaires' and social distancing will apply. Toilet facilities are available, but the changing rooms and bar remain closed so please come prepared.

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Next Tuesday's tournament will again be a simultaneous "souplesse" tournament, the theme of which will be the "Blackwood 5 clés". Attached is a little quiz on this subject for those who are interested. If you haven't yet signed up and are thinking of coming, please get in touch with Anne as soon as possible ().

You are not obliged to adopt this Blackwood if you find it too complicated, but if you would like to learn or revise it, you should know that you can/should only use it after a trump suit has been chosen and the fit signified by the partner since the King of the trump suit will be counted as a fifth Ace. The answers are the following:

4NT : 5 Clubs = 3 or 0 (of the 5 "Aces")
5 Diamonds = 4 or 1 (of the 5 "Aces")
5 Hearts = 2 (of the 5 "Aces")
5 Spades = 2 plus the Queen of Trumps
5 No Trumps = 2 plus a Void

If you are thinking of going to a Grand Slam and want to know if your partner has the Queen of Trumps, you can ask this question by naming the suit immediately above the suit named by your partner in answering the number of Aces, provided this suit is not the trump suit, otherwise it would look as though you were signing off in that contract at the 5-level (for more details you can consult the notes of our March 2018 Workshop (LES ENCHERES DE CHELEM SAC), also attached).

Download this file (Quiz_20200124.pdf)Quiz_20200124.pdf[ ]91 kB

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