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Wednesday 18 September 2019

Last weekend saw several exciting matches being played in the Open Singles and Open Veterans sections of the Tournament. 

Open Singles

  • Ian Jones won his match against Didier Perrin in a three frame thriller and qualified for the next round.
  • Paul Willey won his match in two frames against Rodolphe Delacroix who is participating for the second time in the tournament.
  • Joris Willey won his match after battling with Lee Beaves on the deciding third frame and qualified for the next round.
  • Andrew Taylor won his match against Camille Willey on the deciding frame. Andrew is due to play David Colson on the 22nd of January.

Open Veterans

Ian Cully and Dougie Anderson started their match in a three frame battle. They left it at one frame all. The deciding frame is due to be played on the 22nd of January. Beware, two big matches on that day!

Tournament notes

Thank you in advance for contacting your opponents and getting all your matches played asap. A match planning calendar is available at the bar and you can reserve by phone. If your match is organized but running late please report back by mail.

Copies of the draws may be downloaded here, in addition to those at the Club.

All matches are the best of 3 frames.

Email addresses of all players and mobile phones have been sent to participants to facilitate match planning.

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