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Wednesday 15 July 2020

Coronavirus: COVID-19 latest

The Clubhouse is now open.
Members will be expected to comply with the Club's Covid 19 charter for the maximum safety of their fellow members and staff.
Please wear a mask when inside the clubhouse except when seated. Maintain a distance of at least 1m from other people.
Access to the grounds remains subject to restrictions: doubles play in tennis is allowed, as are picnics and gatherings of fewer than 10 people (including children).

1st February 2019 News

Stop Press

Squash: Last night Team 1 beat St Cloud away 3/2 with only 4 players! Team 2 won convincingly 4/1 at home against Stade Français.

What's been going on

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Midday Thursday!


Last Sunday the adult Footballers team played against the Kerala Tuskers and inflicted a 10-1 defeat on them. They're obviously more used to playing with a small hard red one! Incidentally, the Cricket Section held its AGMafter lunch on Sunday.

The weather made problems for the Snooker Tournament but some progress was made. In the Open Singles, Arnaud Marois and Roland Tchertoff will face off on Saturday and Andrew Taylor and David Colson on Sunday. In Open Doubles, Simon and Hugo Marrison beat Tony Parker and Philippe Albrecht and Veteran Ian Cully finally beat Dougie Anderson on the last Black to meet Ian Jones in the semis.

What's coming this weekend and after

Calling all golfers: if you want to participate in the outing to Dieppe in April, please tell Frédéric Thiriet immediately 

The Centenary Oak continues with a full weekend food offering starting on Saturday with croissants at 11 followed by lunch (Beef lasagne & salad), then on Sunday a full Brunch featuring Blanquette de veau and rice.

Yoga is continuing with a full schedule, and Fitness too, after missing a couple of days this week, will be back on a full schedule from Saturday 2nd.

Junior Footballers, weather permitting, will be playing the British School at 3.

Also on Saturday, there will be an Internal Squash Tournamentstarting at 4 pm; all welcome sign up using the following link: Also, the dates of the Junior Squash Holiday camps have been published, see below.

On Sunday morning the Footballers will be in action against the FIFFA.

Ladies Tennis: we are enrolling the 2019 ALT’s and Raquettes teams this month. If you are interested in playing in either team please get in touch with Sally Cangardel or Marie de Tilly (ALT’s) or Gigi Cothier (Raquettes) for further information.

Note that the next Bridge tournament on 5th Feb will be a "Simultaneous Super Ronde de France".

Dates to watch

  • Saturday 2nd February 3 pm - Junior Football vs British School
  • Saturday 2nd February 4 pm - Internal Squash tournament
  • Tuesday 5th February - Bridge Dinner/Tournament (the tournament will be a "Simultaneous Super Ronde de France")
  • Saturday 9th February - President's Dinner
  • Friday 15th February -  Bridge Workshop
  • Weeks of 26th February to 1st March and 4th to 8th March - Junior Squash Holiday Camps
  • Week of 22nd to 26th April - Junior Squash Holiday Camp
  • Weekend of 26th-28th April - Golf Outing to Dieppe - please tell Frédéric Thiriet immediately if you wish to go.


Bridge Lessons

Jenny Pratt is investigating the possibility of organising an initial series of lessons for complete or near-complete beginners. She would need to know how many people would be interested and what their availability would be - probably early evening from, say, 6.30/7 pm to 9 pm would suit both those who work as well as those who do not. The current rate for bridge lessons is approx. €130 for 10 lessons. If you are interested, would you please get in touch with Jenny on .


The Search is still on for a volunteer Newsletter Editor!

The Club Management is looking for a News Editor whose responsibility is to compile the weekly newsletter from the input provided by Management, Staff, the Section heads and members. The News Editor should be fluent in English, preferably a native speaker. The time commitment needed is a few hours a week. The management would hope for a long-term commitment to the post from the volunteer. Please contact Matthew Curtin () if you're interested. 

Choice reading from the Website

Squash News - 31st January 2019 - Critérium Île de France

Team 1 beat St Cloud away 3/2 with only 4 players! Team 2 won convincingly 4/1 at home against Stade Français. 


Internal Tournament - Saturday 2nd February

Like last year we are organising an internal tournament on Saturday, Feb 2nd at 4 pm. Everyone is welcome. If you wish to play please fill in the following link:


Football News - Sunday 27th January vs Kerala Tuskers

On Sunday 27th the SAC adult football team played the Kerala Tuskers, a group of very friendly cricketers and footballers. We won 10-1 (SAC goalscorers were: Harald Auss, Paul Bowyer, Mikael Jayet, Alfred Auboyneau, and Virgile Noli). Next Sunday - FIFFA.

Snooker Tournament News 31st January, 2019

While some progress has been made, the difficult weather is posing a challenge and some first-round matches are still due to be played. 

Centenary Oak Food for the 2nd & 3rd February

Saturday: Croissants & Pains au chocolat. Lunch: Ham and salad, cheese and salad sandwiches. ham and cheese, tomato and mozzarella paninis; vegetable soup, vegetable quiche; Beef Lasagne & salad. Sunday Brunch:  All the usual plus Blanquette de veau and rice. 

Fitness News - January 31st

Classes will be on full schedule from 2 February until the ski holidays with some classes being offered during the school holidays. Please check the SAC website for the full programme and as usual contact Pamela Hennebert  for any additional information.

Yoga News - February 2019

Classes continue as planned until further notice. More info as always from Monica at . ?

Ladies Tennis January 2019

We are enrolling the 2019 ALT’s and Raquettes teams this month. If you are interested in playing in either team please get in touch with Sally Cangardel or Marie de Tilly (ALT’s) or Gigi Cothier (Raquettes) for further information. 


Bridge News - February perspectives

More information about the Dinner/Tournament on the 5th of February. For the Tournament, we will take part in a "Simultaneous Super Ronde de France", more details in the main article. (And don't forget the Friday 15th workshop, send requests for suggestions to Jenny.)

President's Dinner - 8 pm Saturday 9th February

Chef Extraordinary Roger Porsolt invites members to join him for dinner (welcome cocktail & 4 courses, all for 30€) on Saturday the 9th of February at 8 PM. RSVP to Mario by Wednesday 6th. 


Junior Squash news – 2019 Holiday camps

Full details (dates, times, prices) of the 2019 Holiday Camps for children (February, Easter, Summer), including the registration forms. 


Golf News - January 30th

A quick reminder to all who would like to participate in the Golf Weekend outing to Dieppe on 26-28th April to please fill in the registration form and send it to Frédéric Thiriet as soon as possible. See this article (Golf News January 2019  for the form (and a reminder of the rule changes!).


BCC News and Diary February 2019

Please find attached the BCC Events Diary for 2019 and a link to the latest newsletter from the British in Europe. and more information about Brexit. 


Coming soon

01 Jul 2020
Golf Summer Eclectic
13 Jul 2020
Tennis Camp
16 Jul 2020
Tennis Tournament
18 Jul 2020
01:00PM -
Cricket SAC vs LFP CC
20 Jul 2020
Bridge/Fitness/Yoga Room Closed
25 Jul 2020
01:00PM -
Cricket SAC vs Chantilly
12 Sep 2020
Golf Autumn Vase
13 Sep 2020
03:00PM -
18 Sep 2020
Golf Weekend at Vaugouard