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Saturday 30 May 2020

17th May 2019 News


What been happening

The Golfers had their Section AGM last Friday 10th followed by dinner. This Saturday (18th May) is the occasion for the Annual SAC Spring Cup at Villarceaux (first played on 23rd May 1981). Some pictures of the Dieppe weekend have been published - see the links below.

Squash Court N°1 reopened last Saturday.

The Junior Cricket season started last weekend with the U11s and U16s playing on Saturday morning. We have a good number of children enrolled already, but there's always room for more. This weekend training will be disrupted - see Andrew Macintyre for more info.

Last Saturday evening was Flamenco Evening (¡Olé!) and also served as the Snooker Prizegiving and Dinner occasion.

On Sunday 12th, operation All Hands on Deck! saw 40 volunteers answer Roxane's call for volunteers to help get the Club looking all shipshape and Bristol fashion! Much cleaning and fun was had by all.

On Monday 13th the Ladies' Tennis ALT's team played a blinder at home and won their knockout match against Clichy!  Next week in the 1/4 finals, again at home, they take on Clamart

The Cricket Section was also active on Monday and Thursday in teaching the basics of cricket to 120 pupils from the local school Institut Notre Dame; next week there will be a little tournament to test their newly acquired skills.

Yoga, Step and Pilates are all back to their usual timetables.

And the Annual Tennis Tournament has now started.

Swimming. Some of you will have been able to brave the occasionally chilly temperatures and enjoy the pool! Please note the dates and times when there is a lifeguard and please read and respect the pool rules. For those adults or children wanting to learn to swim, Wednesday's lifeguard, François Château, a fully qualified (BEESAN) lifeguard/instructor, is available to give swimming lessons outside his duty hours, i.e. before 12 and after 6; phone him for times at 06 13 93 24 71.

What's coming soon

While the Golfers are safely out of the way on Saturday organising their annual Spring Cup out at Villaceaux, the Club is hosting the veteran amateur football championship for 60-year-olds the International Super Masters 5-a-side World Cup Football Tournament, which focuses on age-specific 5-a-side/futsal and smaller-sided football games. Over 200 people will be coming over the two days, representing 16 nations. There will be food trucks (Fish 'n' Chips and Thai) to provide victuals.

Food this weekend features: Saturday: Croissants & Pains au chocolat. Lunch: Ham and cheese, tomato and mozzarella paninis; tomato and mozzarella salad; Quiche & salad; Steak, baguette & chips. Sunday Brunch: Roasted chicken legs; a variety of salads + all the usual.

We've already mentioned the schools' cricket on Monday and Thursday, and the Ladies' tennis against Clamart.

On Friday there is a Bridge Workshop, the penultimate one of the season.  (And it's not too early to sign up for the fun Individual Tournament on Tuesday 4th June.) 

Please also note that the Tennis School is accepting registrations for the next year (2019/2020) and also for the Summer Tennis Camp in mid-July. 

Dates to watch


  • Saturday 18th MayGolf Spring Cup at Villarceaux
  • Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th2019 International Super Masters 5-a-side Tournament
  • Monday 20th - School cricket
  • Thursday 23rd - School cricket
  • Thursday 23rd - Ladies ALT's play Clamart
  • Friday 24th - Bridge Workshop
  • Saturday 25th May - Junior Cricket Festival
  • Sunday 26th May - Junior Cricket Match
  • Sunday 26th May - SAC AGM


  • Tuesday 4th - Bridge Prizegiving/Dinner/Annual Individual Tournament
  • Friday 14th - Bridge Workshop (last of the season)
  • Saturday 15th - Junior Cricket vs British School 
  • Saturday 29th - Junior Cricket Lads vs Dads  
  • Saturday/Sunday 29/30th - Queen's Cup Open Squash  

The Search is still on for a volunteer Newsletter Editor!

The Club Management is looking for a News Editor whose responsibility is to compile the weekly newsletter from the input provided by Management, Staff, the Section heads and members. The News Editor should be fluent in English, preferably a native speaker. The time commitment needed is a few hours a week. The management would hope for a long-term commitment to the post from the volunteer. Please contact Matthew Curtin () if you're interested. 

Choice reading from the Website

International Super Masters 5-a-Side Veterans Football Tournament

In view of its long football-playing history dating from the early 1890s, the Club is pleased to have been chosen to host 2019 edition of this international over-60s veterans soccer tournament, which will take place from 10 am this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday. 


Golf News - 13th May

The Golf Section held its AGM last Friday 10th May, during which the 6 stalwart committee members were confirmed. This Saturday is the 39th Spring Cup at Villarceaux; the Section's next major event will be the President's Cup on the 6th of July. The Autumn Weekend, organised by James Moore, will be at the Golf de Touraine over the weekend of the 26/28th September. Read on to see some photos taken at the recent Golf Weekend outing to Dieppe.

Saturday 11th May - Flamenco Evening - first images

Please read on to see some pictures of the evening's entertainment provided by the dancers & live music from ARTEFLAMENCO.


Sunday 12th May - All hands on Deck!

Help to get the Club all shipshape and Bristol fashion! Volunteer painters, gardeners and odd-job folk needed from 10 am to 3 pm! 


Ladies Tennis News 13th May - All-star ALT's team WINS!

The ALT's team at home against Clichy and after some very exciting matches emerged victorious 2-1. The team is now through to the quarter-finals and next week they'll be playing against Clamart.


Cricket News - 13th May 2019 - Introducing Cricket to French children

The Cricket Section has been working with teachers from a local school, the Institute Notre Dame, to organise a practical extension to the classes they have had recently on the sport. The first sessions were held this week on Monday and Thursday afternoons and the tournaments will be held next Monday and Thursday afternoons. 


Centenary Oak Food for the 18th & 19th May

Saturday: Croissants & Pains au chocolat. Lunch: Ham and cheese, tomato and mozzarella paninis; tomato and mozzarella salad; Quiche & salad; Steak, baguette & chips. Sunday Brunch:  Roasted chicken legs; a variety of salads + all the usual.

Note the presence of 2 Food trucks (Fish & chips &Thai) to feed the footballers & supporters on Saturday & Sunday.


Bridge News - 15th May - perspectives

The next item on the Bridge agenda is the Workshop - on Friday 24th May. Followed on June 4th by Prize-giving, Dinner and traditional Individual Tournament (a 'more the merrier' event open to players of all levels and great fun The last event of the season, the Workshop is on Friday 14th June. 


Swimming pool - Summer 2019

The pool is now open. Please note the dates and times of the lifeguard's presence this summer and respect the poolside rules and etiquette.

Tennis School News for the 2019/2020 season

The new programme and conditions for the Tennis School for 2019/2020 have been published. Please read on for more information, which may also be found on the main Tennis Information page. Please also note that Menye's email has changed; it is now 


Coming soon

28 May 2020
Clay Courts Open