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Friday 10 July 2020

Coronavirus: COVID-19 latest

The Clubhouse is now open.
Members will be expected to comply with the Club's Covid 19 charter for the maximum safety of their fellow members and staff.
Please wear a mask when inside the clubhouse except when seated. Maintain a distance of at least 1m from other people.
Access to the grounds remains subject to restrictions: doubles play in tennis is allowed, as are picnics and gatherings of fewer than 10 people (including children).

7th June 2019 News


What been happening

As you will see from the reports below our Cricketers have been in action at the weekends and the match reports are now coming in thick and fast! They'll be in action again this weekend against Thoiry CC and the Kerala Tuskers (aren't they footballers too?) on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Golfers have also made progress in their annual match-play competition, with President Sue Hall steaming into the quarterfinals, while others have yet to play their first-round matches – but they do have until the end of June... The Golfer’s annual match against Villarceaux, the Centenary Cup has been postponed from the 22nd June until October, a section competition with be played instead.

On Saturday last, the Junior Cricketers hosted the British School of Paris for what was intended to be a Twenty20 match, but both sides were so heavily depleted that a double wicket competition was played instead, with local pair Finlay and Logan winning the day.

On Tuesday the Bridge Section held their end of season jamboree with a prize-giving presided over by Raymond Natanson, dinner, and then a Tournament won by Anne Raynaud.

What's coming soon

Food this weekend features: Saturday: Croissants & Pains au chocolat. Lunch: Sandwiches, Ham and cheese, tomato and mozzarella paninis; salad of the day; Quiche & salad; Entrecote & fries. Sunday Brunch: Salad trolley, Gratin of Chicken and mozzarella, ratatouille, fries, cheese, yummy desserts... Please note that from this Sunday the price of brunch goes up to 18 euros.

Children's News - English Language Summer Camps: there will be an introductory ‘Open day’ session from 2 pm to 4 pm on Saturday to provide additional information to prospective parents, both members and non-members.

Step and Pilates classes. Tomorrow, Saturday, and Monday 10th there will only be classes for those who have signed up and if enough of you do so! So contact Pam if you're keen. After that everything will be back to normal for the rest of term.
In the meantime, Yoga classes continue unabated.

On Thursday 13th our Ladies Tennis ALT's team will be in Rueil-Malmaison in the final of their competition, but we still don’t know whom they’ll be facing.

Sunday next week (16th) is Sports Day – fun galore for all the family! Are you all in training yet? Many of you will also have seen, via ADSL, posters for the Sports Day, the BBQ & Camp out and the White Dinner. (You can see them also on this website’s calendar.)

There will be a Junior Squash Camp on the mornings of the week of 24th-28th June. And there is still time for (the older) Squash players to enter the Queen’s Cup Open Squash Tournament that takes place on the 29/30th of June. (Follow this link to see where to sign up.) 

Remember that the Tennis School is accepting registrations for the next year (2019/2020) and for the Summer Tennis Camps in mid-July (8-12th and 15-19th).

Many of you will have received a Flash earlier this week with an Invitation to the Cambridge Society of Paris's Second Glory Days of Paris second lecture "The Philosophical Framework, Dadaism and Surrealism" on Friday 28th June. The invitation has been extended to include a Guided Tour of the Destribats Collection at Christie's on the 2nd of July. The Registration form for this event is attached to this newsletter.

Dates to watch


  • Saturday 8th/Monday 10th - Step & Pilates classes only if enough people sign up
  • Saturday 8th – English Language Camps ‘open day’ 2-4 pm; SACC vs Thoiry CC
  • Sunday 9th - SACC vs Kerala Tuskers
  • Thursday 13th - ALT's Tennis final
  • Friday 14th - Bridge Workshop (last of the season)
  • Saturday 15th - Junior Cricket vs British School
  • Saturday 22nd – Tennis School party; Golf section Competition
  • Sunday 16th – Sports Day
  • Saturday 22nd – BBQ/Campout
  • Mon 24th-Fri 28th – Squash Camp
  • Friday 28th - Glory Days of Paris Lecture
  • Saturday 29th - Junior Cricket Lads vs Dads
  • Saturday 29th - Tennis Finals and White Dinner
  • Saturday/Sunday 29/30th - Queen's Cup Open Squash
  • Sunday 30th - SAC EGM


  • Tuesday 2nd - Guided Tour of the Destribats Collection at Christie
  • Saturday 6th – Golf President’s Cup
  • Mon 8th-Fri 12th – Tennis Summer Camp
  • Mon 15th-Fri 19th – Tennis Summer Camp

Basic Rules and Etiquette

As the Club gets busier and busier it is increasingly important that the Club's facilities be shared by all members for their mutual enjoyment. Members are kindly asked to follow a few basic “housekeeping” rules and general etiquette. Please read them here.

The Search is still on for a volunteer Newsletter Editor!

The Club Management is looking for a News Editor whose responsibility is to compile the weekly newsletter from the input provided by Management, Staff, the Section heads and members. The News Editor should be fluent in English, preferably a native speaker. The time commitment needed is a few hours a week. The management would hope for a long-term commitment to the post from the volunteer. Please contact Matthew Curtin () if you're interested. 

Choice reading from the Website

Bridge News - 5th June - Prize-giving / Dinner / Tournament

Highlights of the evening included the top two spots of the Natanson Cup going to the Jacques - Joyce (1st 38 points) and Claudes (2nd 37 points). Anne Raynaud gained top honours in the Tournament with 59.52%, with Verzella and Claudia tied for 2nd place. The last event of the season, the Workshop, is on Friday 14th June. 

Junior Cricket News - 1st June - SAC vs British School

The Junior Cricketers hosted the British School of Paris for what was intended to be a Twenty20 match on Saturday. With long weekend holiday absences, both sides were so heavily depleted that a double wicket competition was played instead, with local pair Finlay and Logan winning the day

Cricket News 25th May - SACC vs Colombes CC

On Saturday, the 25th of May, SAC hosted Colombes CC for a 25-over game, which the visitors won by 4 wickets. 


Cricket News 26th May - SACC vs Francilien CC

On Sunday the 26th of May, SAC hosted Francilien CC for a 30-over game. After losing the toss and asked to bowl first, SAC never even got a sniff of victory in what turned out to be a fairly one-sided game.

Cricket News 1st June - SACC vs St Brice CC

On Saturday, the 1st of June, SAC hosted St. Brice for a 40-over game, which SAC ended up losing by 50 runs.

Golf News - 2nd June

First please note that the Centenary Cup against Villarceaux has been postponed until the 19th October. A section competition will be held on the 22nd of June instead. The 2019 Mixed Matchplay is on its way (see current state here). (First round matches should be finished by the end of June. 

Ladies Tennis News 27th May - ALT's through to finals

Our brilliant ALT’s team played their semi-final earlier today at CAM Montrouge and won 2-1! They are now though to the finals, which will be played at the Ligue HQ in Rueil-Malmaison on Thursday 13th June.

Step and Pilates News - 6th May

Please note that classes on Saturday 8th and Monday 10th will also be on a holiday sign-up basis. Things will be back to normal after that until the end of term. So remember to sign up and watch out for information and updates from Pam ().

Centenary Oak Food for the 8th & 9th June

Saturday: Croissants & Pains au chocolat. Lunch: Sandwiches, Ham and cheese, tomato and mozzarella paninis; Salad of the day; Quiche & salad; Entrecote & fries. Sunday Brunch: Salad trolley, Gratin of Chicken & mozzarella, Ratatouille, Fries, ++. Note that the price of tea at teatime goes up to .80€ from Saturday and Sunday Brunch will cost 18€ from this Sunday (but tea is included). 

Children's News - English Language Summer Camps

This summer the SAC will be organising, in partnership with SSWP (Speaking and Sports With Pascal), a series of English Language Summer Camps. These Camps are open to members and non-members alike. Come to the Open Day on Saturday 8th June, from 2 pm to 4 pm to find out more.

Junior Squash news – June 2019 Holiday Camp

Read on for the dates of the upcoming June Squash Camp - mornings (10 am to 1 pm) of 24th to 28th June for children aged 8 and over and for the registration form.

Tennis School News for the 2019/2020 season

The new programme and conditions for the Tennis School for 2019/2020 have been published. Please read on for more information, which may also be found on the main Tennis Information page. Please also note that Menye's email has changed; it is now  .  Note also the dates of the Summer Camps -  8th-12th July and 15th-19th July for 4-17 year-olds. (Sign up before 5th July.) 

Download this file (GDoP_2_tour_booking_form.pdf)GDoP_2_tour_booking_form.pdf[ ]555 kB

Coming soon

01 Jul 2020
Golf Summer Eclectic
06 Jul 2020
Tennis Camp
11 Jul 2020
01:00PM -
Cricket SAC vs Thoiry CC
12 Jul 2020
Tennis Tournament Registration Deadline
12 Jul 2020
12:00PM -
Bring and Braai
13 Jul 2020
Tennis Camp
16 Jul 2020
Tennis Tournament
12 Sep 2020
Golf Autumn Vase
13 Sep 2020
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18 Sep 2020
Golf Weekend at Vaugouard