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Monday 23 September 2019

All Hands on Deck! Autumn 2019 session - Sunday 6th October

Because of the conflict with the Paris-Versailles the All Hands on Deck has been put back a week to SUNDAY 6th October, starting at 10 am with a pre-Hands on Deck breakfast (tea, coffee, croissants and juice) for all volunteers, served in the Clubhouse from 9 am. 

Saturday, 14th September - Talk - New Frontiers of Space

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of man's landing on the moon (16th July and 14th November 1969), Alain Dupas, astrophysicist,  SAC member and author, will give a 45 minute talk at 6.30/7.00 pm entitled "When entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos take over the New Frontier of space". This will be preceded by a film at 5.00 pm: Tintin : Objectif Lune/Destination Moon and followed by a buffet supper at 8.00 pm.


Sunday 12th May - All hands on Deck!

Many thanks to those 40 keens souls who turned up to swab the decks under Roxane's watchful eye last Sunday! See some of them at work here. (Thanks to Michele Goodhardt and Mario) 

Saturday 11th May - Flamenco Evening, 8 PM

With dancers & live music by ARTEFLAMENCO. Includes Cocktail, Tapas, Paella. Price: 40€ for Members/45€ for non-Members. This will also serve as the occasion for the Snooker Dinner (and prizegiving).

Coming soon

27 Sep 2019
Golf Autumn Weekend
29 Sep 2019
Cricket SACC vs Embassy
06 Oct 2019
10:00AM -
All hands on deck!
17 Oct 2019
18 Oct 2019
07:00PM -
Meet the management Committee
19 Oct 2019
Golf Centenary Cup (TBC)
19 Oct 2019
08:00PM -
Delta Mango Live Concert
26 Oct 2019
Golf Centenary Cup (TBC)
13 Nov 2019
RBL Poppy Cup
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