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While the Clubhouse itself remains closed until further notice, access to the grounds has been eased - but still subject to restrictions: doubles play in tennis is allowed, as are picnics and gatherings of fewer than 10 people (including children) 

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Sunday 7 June 2020

 SAC Christmas Market

Sunday 1 December
11 am - 7 pm

Flamingo Paperie

Flamingo Paperie offers a wide range of greeting card and other paper products which are all produced in the UK. For Christmas we have wonderful packs of Christmas Cards ( with a charity donation going to Vaincre la Mucoviscidose for France) and with prices starting at ',50€ for a pack of 8 cards. We also sell Advent Calendars, Childrens' Activities and Colouring In, Gift Wrap as well as Christmas decorations. We have a huge range of cards as well for ' everyday' occasions like Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Baby and Moving Home.....

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Le Fil Chic

Shawls, skirts, jackets, kimonos and saris in silk with joyful Indian colours and in the incredible softness of cashmere embroidered with flowers.

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Catherine Quesney

Collection of useful items for Yoga

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   Xmas Market AMarche de Noel STANDAC 5 page1 image5


 Chateau Laballe Bas ArmagnacChateau Laballe Bas Armagnac 65x150

The Chateau Laballe is located at Parleboscq, between Eauze and Gabaret, in the heart of famous Bas Armagnac where the best brandies are produced. Chateau laballe has a long history: in 1820, Jean-Dominique Laudet, came back from a from a twenty-four-year long stay on the island of Saint-Thomas in the Antilles and bought the Chateau Laballe to make armagnac. Now, nearly 200 years later, the 8th generation of the Laudet family is still making highest quality Armagnac

Bas Armagnac Chateau Laballe is an authentic, proud Armagnac, with a strong Gascon identity. It is considered by experts to be one of best.


Rose et Chardon

Rose & Chardon is a charming little shop in Meudon, where wild bouquets meet lovely dried flowers, candles and other gold and sparkling things.

Rose and Chardon will be presenting their Christmas collection, hand made in their workshop. Lovely little floral objects to decorate your house or please your loved ones such as Christmas wreaths, wreaths of dried flowers, floral globes, personalised Christmas tree balls and other decorative items.

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Rose & Chardon
7 bis rue de Vélizy
92190 Meudon
Tel: 01 45 34 25 60 - Mob: 06 82 45 32 44


Les Très-Ors de Ghada

Les Trés-Ors de Ghada is a handmade high fantasy jewellery brand, offering a wide range of products: gold plated, silver, fine stones, and other accessories full of colours.

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English books with writers David Brunat and Helen Huig


These bilingual books are designed to help children learn English as naturally as possible. The readers follow the stories in both French and English without any translation thanks to the colourful illustrations. The English vocabulary and language is based on the Primary school English language learning programmes for children aged 3 to 8. Younger children will enjoy the delicious adventures of KATE CUPCAKE and her friend Marjolaine Madeleine while children aged 5-8 years old will follow Oscar and his MAGIC HAT to learn about colours, the seasons and even the city of London.

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28 May 2020
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01 Jul 2020
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